Welcome to HD Images, professional photography by Howard Draper.

As a child I got involved with photography from watching my dad with his collection of film camera’s. Family “slide” shows on a Sunday afternoon spurred me on to get my first camera using 110 film. As the years went by photography took more of a back seat until early 2000 when I purchased my first point and shoot digital camera. No more waiting for your film to be developed, the digital age had arrived. A nudge in the right direction a few years later saw me purchase my first digital SLR.

I am a published photographer with my interests being firmly in sport and landscape photography. My sport of choice is netball, its fast pace and the difficulty in achieving “that shot” gives me the challenge I enjoy. Landscape photography, you have to love landscape photography, the combination of land meets sky, an ever changing image with you the photographer in the middle of it, heaven.

You can find all my images here on the website, most of which are available for purchase as prints. Alternatively they can be licensed for editorial or commercial use. Should you want more information or be interested in hiring me, please drop me an email. Thanks for looking, H