One a Day for 365

I am not quite sure what happened to me last year but my camera seems to have taken a back seat. To redress the balance I have decided to try and take one a day for 365 days!

The original remit was for unedited straight from the phone/camera however the goal posts have moved a bit.

I started to play with Instagram last year wondering if it was a tool for business or not. I am still pretty unconvinced about where it fits into the business world if at all. That aside its a pretty nifty way to handle images on the move especially if you factor in the filters you can apply etc.

So the revised remit is an image a day nobbled in Instagram for the most part and posted to my Instagram feed and Facebook Page.

I have made it to day 8 so far and its got me thinking, quality not quantity as I get to grips with my cameras phone.

Let me know what you think.

Update – 2014 – I made it to day 295! More details and my favourite images here

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