Studio Session

So here I am, stood in MiStudio, 30mins till the model arrives, trying to remember settings and how to use all this equipment to best effect. Nervous, not much! It doesn’t help that this is my first proper studio shoot with a model.

I will be working with a friendly face though as I have the great pleasure to be working with Scarlett again…….

It took me a couple of hours to settle into the shoot, relax enough to start to tweak lights etc. I ended up largely using the 28mm 1.8 lens which seemed to work quite well in the studio. It gave me lots of scope for full length shots etc.

To my thinking they are not technically perfect, soft focus, eyes not always pin Sharp etc but I love them.

It made me realise that I could combine my love of lighting with photography, which has to be good 🙂

I will be booking more studio session time soon!

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